The services allow us to have a better work-life balance. The services give us more quality family time. We can also better manage our work commitments and know that our children are in good hands. This is one less big stress for us. Bien Chez Soi stands out for the flexibility of its contract terms, including minimal set-up fees, the ability to cancel a service within 72 hours and no long-term commitments. We don’t feel tied down like with other agencies we have consulted. The service fees are reasonable and more affordable than we thought. After three months, we can already see the beneficial effect on our whole family. The burden of everyday life no longer weighs on us as much. Our children are not rushed in the morning and are not caught up in the whirlwind imposed by their parents. And we, as parents, are much less anxious about balancing work and family and managing day-to-day family tasks. I often tell my friends and family that this is the best decision we have made for our family, that it is the best investment for our quality of life. If we had known how easy, accessible and flexible the process is – and the quality of the attendant who would be assigned to us – we would have called much sooner!